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service-event-securityOur company offers premium event security services for affordable rates. Each year we work on a great number of events of any kinds; indoor or outdoor, small or big, and so on. Whatever the type of event the chances are big that we have worked on similar one.

Our greatest advantage over other security services is in our event stewards and the professionalism they bring to every event. They have proved their value over and over on numerous events. As a proof of our excellent performance in securing all kinds of events most of our clients are return clients. Even many of our new clients come because someone else recommended us.

Hiring us means hiring our tem of professionals and the skills they bring along. Here is what you get if you option to hire us to hire us:

- Security staff with years of experience in providing security services for all sorts of events

- SIA licensed professionals

- Each of our security staff members is trained in crowd management, security tactics and first aid.

- Each steward can use surveillance and monitoring equipment

- Each steward know how to work as a team and if needed separately as individuals.

- Each steward follow a strict code when securing a VIP

- Each steward can be deployed on various positions and to conduct various tasks.

- Even though there is a clear hierarchy, if their superior is not physically present we encourage our security staff to bring quick decisions for which they feel are suitable for that specific situation.

- We come in great numbers, meaning we can meet the requirements of big events, concerts and so on.

- Our team leaders are the ones with the most experience. They are the backbone of our operations and they are the ones that make the difference by knowing how to effectively deploy resources for maximum safety.

If you want to know more how good we are at what we do, we can direct you to some of our former clients so you can hear what they can say about our services. Also, we can give you a list of events we have worked on.
As far as the rates we offer the best combination of quality service and affordable rates on the market. If you are interested give us a call or visit us. We can give you a free estimate and present a security plan.

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